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𝄖  Our Vision and Mission  𝄖

Vision :
ICICLE will act as a distribution company that can supply authentic quality products according to Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ) Standard which will satisfy customers all over Myanmar.

Mission :

  • icicle will try to become a leading company for food product development at Myanmar

  • Based on the advanced technology, for Myanmar consumers, according to the Food Standard, the current needs and future food products and services to produce nationwide. 

  • Our company and distributors. For long-term development of benefits and benefits.


𝄖  MD Speech 𝄖


This is the first letter written. Our ICICLE Company was founded in 1990 and now a stronger and stronger company in 2022. Our company focuses on the quality of production and distributes more quality products to consumers.

Special thanks to the staff and Business Partners who worked hard to achieve better results for the sustainable future.

In addition, we think of new markets all the time and will continue to innovate and produce new fertilizers at reasonable prices for consumers.

Ultimately, I want to promise that ICICLE Business Partners from various fields will be stronger and more business expansion.

Mr. Aung Hlaing Htun

Managing Director


𝄖  Milestone 𝄖

Icicle Group of Campaigns was established in 1990 and Aha Drinking Water was first in year 2000.

We were able to distribute the market as a product. Dragon pure liquor was distributed again in year 2001 and War Horse ( Rice Liquor ) in year 2020 and War Horse Rum Tonic was distributed in year 2021.


𝄖  Sales Dept 𝄖


As a Sales department, we are constantly working on the market to buy and expand the market and work with sales staff with over 5 years of experience and expertise in creating sales strategies..

It is an organization that is always strategically inventing marketing campaigns to quickly reach new products to consumers.


𝄖  Marketing Dept 𝄖


As a Marketing department, experienced staffs in Icicle brand design, production and creative guidance of products produced by Icicle are able to make it popular throughout Myanmar...

It is a department working with current consumer marketing experiences in both digital and physical marketing including television, social media, packaging and retail.

𝄖  Production Dept𝄖


As a Production department, the staff should be constantly studying the methodology and inspect the standard standards properly..

The parts that need to be produced, modified or repaired are properly implemented and always focused on having the best quality products for customers.


𝄖  Operation Dept 𝄖


Our reputation for the extraordinary is characterised by the exceptional oak casks for which The Macallan is renowned. Sourced, crafted, toasted and seasoned under the watchful eye of The Macallan Master of Wood, the hand-picked casks are delivered to the demanding specifications of The Macallan Whisky Mastery Team. 



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